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Forensic Interviewing

Every child has a right to choose a Child Advocacy Center when giving a statement about their abuse. We provide a child friendly, safe and neutral environment to help the child to feel supported and have their voice heard. Our interviewers are trained professionals who talk to the children one on one and ask questions in a way that allows the child to give a full narrative of what happened to them. As stated in our National Children's Alliance (NCA) standards (2023), "forensic interviews are conducted in a manner that is developmentally and culturally responsive, unbiased, fact-finding and legally sound". 

The Power of Advocacy

At Vermilion County Child Advocacy Center, we believe in the power of advocacy to make a difference in the lives of children who have suffered abuse. Our team is dedicated to conducting forensic interviews, providing wrap-around advocacy services, and making referrals for mental health and medical exams. We have researched resources in our community and have also signed linkage agreements with mental health and medical professionals who meet the accreditation standards of the National Children's Alliance to ensure that each child receives the best, most accurate care. Join us in our mission to protect and empower the children of our community.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The forensic interview is just one step in the investigative process. Our CAC works within a multi-disciplinary team, which includes the Department of Children and Family Services, law enforcement, and prosecution. The investigative team watch the interview, review the case together, and determine next steps in the investigation. Once a month, all cases are discussed at a Case Review to ensure all aspects of the investigation are reviewed.  Mental health providers, medical providers, and case managers are included to give client well-being updates and to address any concerns they have.

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