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Every child has the right to a forensic interview at the CAC.

At Vermilion County Child Advocacy Center, we believe in the power of hope to rebuild the lives of the youngest victims of abuse. We provide a safe and supportive environment for children to share their stories and receive the care they need to heal. Our dedicated team of professionals conducts forensic interviews and provides wrap-around advocacy services to ensure that every child's voice is heard. We work in close collaboration with the Department of Children and Family Services, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Medical Providers and Mental Health professionals to ensure that every child receives the support they need. Join us in our mission to give every child victim hope and healing.

Vermilion County Child Advocacy Center is a child-friendly, welcoming center that allows a child to feel supported and comfortable telling the most horrible story of their lives.  We advocate for the child to only tell their story one time and that is in the forensic interview.  The mandated reporters should only be asking minimal questions to assess the child's safety and gathering enough data to make a report to DCFS or Law Enforcement. The more the child is questioned, the more trauma is caused to the child and the less credible their statement can be in the criminal justice system.

What's the hype about the
Child Advocacy Center?

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