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Below are websites that have an abundance of resources:

Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois (CACI)

CACI is the Chapter for Illinois.  They support, advocate, and educate all centers in Illinois. They manage pass through money from VOCA and DCFS funders.


Illinois DCFS has a mission to protect children who are reported to be abused or neglected.

PCA Logo_IL_1C.webp

Prevent Child Abuse

PCA Illinois

Prevent Child Abuse Illinois provides the leadership and support in child abuse prevention education.


Danville City Police Department

National Children's Alliance (NCA)

NCA is the professional membership organization for all Children's Advocacy Centers. They create evidence-based standards for centers to follow to ensure all children are supported, heard and protected. 


Vermilion County Sheriff's department

Below are pamphlets, infographs, and other resources:

VCCAC Pamphlet
VCCAC inside the Pamphlet
Team Talk


Multi-Disciplinary Approach

A Happy Family

Domestic Violence and Children Brochure

Children in School Bus

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Happy Children

Childhood Trauma and ACES

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